Flight planning and
aircraft routing

We offer expert advice on flight planning, we can personalise a route to suit your needs all whilst saving you the frustration, time and money… thus placing you ahead of your competitors.


Fuel availability and pricing

Worried about fuel availability? Why not hand us your desired route and let us find out the fuel prices & availability? In many cases are able to supply you fuel on credit at a competitive rate, thus effectively eliminating the need to carry vast amounts of money and at the same time ensuring the availability.


B737 (all types) ferry crew available for worldwide ferries.

IFC B737 Crew - Worldwide ferry capability, Our highly experienced B737 crew are available for worldwide aircraft delivery or ferry. Contact us with your requirements.


Weather information

We will obtain accurate weather information for your flight. Including METAR, TAF and surface conditions- free with every flight handled by us.

Departure lounge at Lanseria

We do have a small lounge on the North side of the airport near gate 7 however we do have access to lounges at the main terminal.

Arrangement of ground handling along routing

To speed up turnarounds and assist passengers we can arrange ground handling.

Flight following

Communication is of utmost importance when it comes to flights, we are able to flight follow and notify relevant parties of your whereabouts on your behalf.

Ground handling at Lanseria

We have access to all the aprons at Lanseria to assist your passengers and crew through the terminal.


Transport to a from the airport can be arranged in most airports.

Charter Services

Through our various contacts we can put you in touch with the right people to get a charter quote or flight.

Hotel Reservations

We can book hotel reservations and get crew rates for pilots.


We will obtain the various NOTAMS at the relevant airports for your flight.

Cost estimates
for airport fees

We will get all the airport fees for your flight free of charge.

In-flight catering / beverages (from Lanseria)

We do have accounts with the various catering companies in Lanseria.